Radomir Vojtech Luza was born in Vienna, Austria in 1963. He owes his love of art and politics to his Czech parents, Radomir Sr. and Libuse Podhraska Luza. The former a Resistance fighter against the Nazis in WWII, and the latter, at 15, the youngest actress ever accepted into the prestigious Czech National Dramatic Conservatory where she loved studying and acting the works of William Shakespeare and the early Greeks until Adolf Hitler closed the doors in 1943.

Radomir Sr. fought alongside his father, Army General Vojtech Luza, who led the Czech Underground until he was ambushed by the Nazis toward the end of the war in 1944.

In 1948, the couple decided to escape the Communist occupation of their beloved Czechoslovakia by leaving behind promising careers and close-knit families. They left together for Paris, France with one suitcase. After deciding that they did not like Paris, the duo left for New York City in 1953.

Falling in love with America, Radomir Sr. received a Ph.D in Eastern European history from NYU while Libuse colored hair at Helena Rubinstein. She would never act professionally again. In 1967 Radomir Sr. got an Assistant Professor job at Tulane University in New Orleans which he did not leave until he retired as a Full Professor with eight books under his belt.in 1993.

The younger Luza is the Poet Laureate of North Hollywood, a Pushcart Prize Nominee and the author of 31 collections of poetry, including the 404-page EROS OF ANGELS, a tribute to Los Angeles.

The former President of the North Hollywood West Neighborhood Council has had his poetry published in over 80 literary journals, magazines, anthologies and websites such as the front cover of Papyrus, KYSO Flash, Askew, Nerve Cowboy, Boog City, Spare Change, Boston Globe and roguescholars.com.

The SAG/AFTRA/AEA actor has featured his verse across the country over 100 times. The veteran stand-up comedian who has performed in many of the major clubs coast-to-coast has also organized and hosted over a dozen readings in cities such as New York City, Ft. Walton Beach, FLA, Jersey City, NJ and Los Angeles.

The Tulane University and Jesuit High School (New Orleans) graduate has acted in over 15 plays and about 20 films, television shows and commercials. Luza’s greatest claim to fame so far is a National Levis Jeans spot (Rooster). Radomir has co-organized and co-hosted the monthly poetry reading UNBUCKLED: No Ho POETRY with Mary Anneeta Mann on the first Saturday of each month at T. U. Studios in North Hollywood, CA. for over seven years.

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